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James Leonard
Format Paperback
Dimensions 6.40 (w) x 9.20 (h) x 2.10 (d)
Pages 2368
Publisher Prentice Hall
Publication Date January 2010
ISBN 9780205763108
Book ISBN 10 0205763103
About Book

Student Edition:

After careful thought, your professor assigned McMichael’s Concise Anthology of American Literature, Seventh Edition for your course. This anthology is rich in contextual content, giving you the historical events that influenced the writing of these renowned American authors which leads to a greater understanding of the selections. Well-established authors are joined by a wide array of selections by women and writers of color, including both African Americans and Native Americans.

What’s New in the Seventh Edition:

  • Artworks and historical photos give greater meaning to historical events and selections, such as an artist’s rendition of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and a photo of Civil War devastation in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Twenty new authors, representing diverse cultural backgrounds, increase the number of contemporary authors which is always enjoyable reading.
  • Eavesdrop into the romance of John and Abigail Adams by reading their romantic letters. Share the trauma of the Vietnam War through the eyes of a young soldier.
  • Four groundbreaking plays will captivate you and help you understand the role of theater in America through the centuries.
  • The speeches by legendary leaders, such as Martin Luther King and Booker T. Washington, and have stood the test of time and inspire us today. If you were wishing that you had a copy of President Barack Obama’s 2009 Inaugural Address, you’ll find it here.