Approaching Literature: Writing, Reading, Thinking share button
Peter Schakel
Format Paperback
Dimensions 6.53 (w) x 9.26 (h) x 1.69 (d)
Pages 1696
Publisher Bedford/St. Martin's
Publication Date December 2007
ISBN 9780312452834
Book ISBN 10 0312452837
About Book

Developed by authors with more than 50 years of teaching experience between them, Approaching Literature has been designed as a true alternative to more traditional literature anthologies. The authors conceived this anthology with three principles in mind: (1) that exposing students to the widest array of literature can help every one find common ground with that literature; (2) that contemporary literary works can serve as entry points to reading and appreciating the canonical literature that students often find unfamiliar, intimidating, and sometimes irrelevant; and (3) that the instruction in reading and writing about literature should be accessible and jargon-free to all students, not just potential English majors. With its streamlined and student-friendly instructional text, and its ongoing commitment to showcasing the most engaging and diverse literary works publishing right now, Approaching Literature is built from the ground up with today's students in mind.