Tularosa (Kevin Kerney Series #1) share button
Michael McGarrity
Format Paperback
Dimensions 5.40 (w) x 8.40 (h) x 0.80 (d)
Pages 304
Publisher Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
Publication Date January 2009
ISBN 9780393333992
Book ISBN 10 039333399X
About Book

"Mystery fans shouldn't miss Tularosa." —Tony Hillerman

It's been two years since an on-the-job shooting forced ex-Santa Fe chief of detectives Kevin Kerney to retire. He is drawn back into action when Terry Yazzi, his former partner and the man responsible for his wounds, pleads for Kerney's help. Yazzi's son, a soldier, has disappeared in the barren desert surrounding the White Sands Missile Range.

Kerney's investigation resurrects the long-forgotten thrill of the hunt—and other emotions surface after meeting the tough-but-beautiful Capt. Sara Brannon, the Army's investigating officer. Together, they uncover a crime far greater than an AWOL soldier: a conspiracy of death that snakes from the secretive world of military operations, to the cutthroat alleys of a Mexican border town, leading them to a final, shocking revelation that may cost them both their lives....

Retired Santa Fe policeman Kevin Kerney's investigation into the disappearance of his godson uncovers a military conspiracy that snakes like a desert wind, from the tight-lipped world of White Sands Missile Range to the cutthroat alley of a Mexican border town. Targeted ads. HC: W.W. Norton & Co. (Fiction--Mystery)


Albuquerque Journal

“A page-turner written with ... clarity and grace.”

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly

Of this debut mystery, PW wrote: "Blending an air of the old West with some very modern characters, McGarrity delivers atmosphere, action, romance and prime satisfaction." (Apr.)

Library Journal

The noted economics writer pens an analytical follow-up to his classic text, The Worldly Philosophers (1953).

School Library Journal

YA-Kevin Kerney is a tough ex-cop turned modern-day private eye. His godson, a soldier assigned to White Sands Missile Range in desolate southern New Mexico, is reported missing. The military authorities believe he has gone AWOL, but Kerney correctly suspects foul play. He travels to Tularosa and joins forces with Captain Sara Brannon to investigate the disappearance. The two face many challenges and risks, including attempted murder, and become romantically involved while determining the innocent soldier's whereabouts. Eventually, his body is discovered. This is a fast read that also informs a bit about the Southwest, the military, and Native American traditions. An engaging mystery.-Mindy Ford, Lorton Library, Fairfax County, VA

Denver Post

Michael McGarrity is a born storyteller....Tularosa xontains enough plot twists and mystery elements to keep the reader turning the pages as fast as possible.

Albuqueruqe Journal

There is not question McGarrity knows his territory...his characters are as memorable as the environment they live in.

Kirkus Reviews

Like so many other contemporary heroes, Kevin Kerney is just looking to be left alone. But he's goaded back into investigating the disappearance of his godson Sammy Yazzi by Sammy's distraught father, the former partner who ended Kerney's career with the Santa Fe Police Department when his drinking got Kerney shot into early medical retirement. Sammy's been AWOL from the White Sands Missile Range for six weeks, and the Army investigation, headed by Captain Sara Brannon, is spinning its wheels. So Kerney signs on, and even in the 24 hours he's allowed on the base, he turns up some new leads. A buddy of Sammy's digs up a sheaf of drawings that Sammy could have made only in the off-limits Indian Wells area; Sammy's art teacher reports that some photos he recently left with her have been stolen; and, inevitably, when Kerney and Brannon ride out together in search of new evidence, they find exactly what they'd most hoped to avoid. But Sammy's body is the beginning of a hot trail to a fabulous cache of antique weapons, gold coins, and rare correspondence that's attracted a lively and professional traffic across the border—a traffic that cost Sammy his life, and could be expensive for Kerney and Brannon too.

A lean, stylish debut, with a hero who's equally at home sniffing out evidence and duking it out with the heavies.