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Sandy Schofield
Format Mass Market Paperback
Dimensions 4.20 (w) x 6.88 (h) x 0.70 (d)
Pages 240
Publisher Random House Publishing Group
Publication Date February 1999
ISBN 9780553577334
Book ISBN 10 0553577336
About Book
The Slayer and the Slain--

A modern Navajo warrior follows the trail of his people's most savage legend come to life.

Deep in the rugged New Mexico desert, a strange aircraft has landed. In response, the commander of a nearby army base sends out search patrols. What he doesn't know is that an alien Predator has arrived, hunting for human prey. But Corporal Enoch Nakai, a Navajo soldier, sees the creature in action--his buddy slaughtered in a blinding flash--before narrowly escaping with his life.

For Nakai, it is a Navajo legend come back to life: the return of the Horned Monster, who was destroyed by the hero Nayenezgani, the mythical Monster Slayer. Shunned by his comrades, Nakai knows there is only one hope. He must rediscover his Navajo roots by following in the Monster Slayer's footsteps. Using the wisdom of his ancestors, Nakai will confront the Predator in a final battle worthy of legend. But this time, will the hero emerge the victor?

Deep Space Nine is hosting the galaxy's biggest poker game. But when a dead body turns up during a mysterious power outage, the stakes get higher than anyone had counted on. Now Commander Sisko and Security Chief Odo must hunt down the killer. Original.