Dragonlance: Dragons of the Highlord Skies (Lost Chronicles #2) share button
Tracy Hickman
Format Mass Market Paperback
Dimensions 4.15 (w) x 6.90 (h) x 1.65 (d)
Pages 496
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Publication Date January 2008
ISBN 9780786948604
Book ISBN 10 0786948604
About Book

The Chronicles retold—from evil's point of view.

The story starts in Neraka, where Kitiara uth Matar and Emperor Ariakas hatch a plan to retrieve a dragon orb and thereby destroy Solamnia and the Companions in one fell swoop. But the guardian of the dragon orb, Highlord Feal-Thas, disagrees with this plan. Kitiara must go to Ice Wall to force him to accept Ariakas' will, but her journey does not end there. Thrown out of favor, she conceives a daring plan to enlist the aid of the most feared beings on Krynn—Lord Soth and the Dark Queen. Meanwhile, Laurana and the Companions retrieve the dragon orb and take it back to Solamnia—not knowing that they bring their allies' doom with them.

The second volume of a new trilogy from celebrated authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, The Lost Chronicles details the famed War of the Lance from the perspective of the evil that menaces Krynn. The books are written in such a way that they will be marvelous complements to the original Chronicles, while at the same time accessible and exciting to new readers.


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This evocative high fantasy novel continues Margaret Weis's The Lost Chronicles, the switcharoo series that tells the story of the War of the Lance from the perspective series of the bad guys. A worthy addition to the fan-favorite Dragonlance series.

Publishers Weekly

In this enterprising second volume of the Lost Chronicles (after 2006's Dragons of the Dwarven Depths), Emperor Ariakis pressures Dragon Highlord Kitiara uth Matar into a plan to make sure the Solamnic knight Derek Crownguard hears about, then quests after a dragon orb recently discovered by Dragon Highlord Feal-Thas. As Crownguard's will is weaker than the dragon essence inside the orb, he will become enthralled to it and compelled to do the bidding of Ariakis. Loathing the task but having no choice, Kitiara treks to Feal-Thas's Ice Palace in the dangerous land of Icereach. As Crownguard and his companions join up with the group of renegades led by Kitiara's rival, Laurana, Kitiara's path takes an unexpected turn, leading her to Dargaard Keep to face the dread Lord Soth. Weis and Hickman have once again produced an entertaining high fantasy adventure. (July)

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Library Journal

As Lord Ariakis and his dragon armies extend their rule over the continent of Ansalon, Dragon Highlord Kitiara Uth Matar learns that a former lover, Tanis Half-Elven, is among the small group of heroes that oppose the Highlords and their Dark Queen. As she attempts to prove her loyalty to her superiors by convincing an undead knight to join the dragon armies, Tanis and his companions, including the elf princess Laurana, Kitiara's rival, seek their destiny in the icy fastness of Ice Wall Castle. Returning to their beloved world of the Dragonlance novels, Weis and Hickman discover new tales of familiar heroes. The follow-up to Dragons of the Dwarven Depthsshould satisfy long-time series fans and attract new ones of all ages. Recommended for most fantasy collections.

—Jackie Cassada