Asian American Studies Now: A Critical Reader share button
Jean Yu-wen Shen Wu
Format Paperback
Dimensions 7.00 (w) x 10.00 (h) x 1.80 (d)
Pages 672
Publisher Rutgers University Press
Publication Date April 2010
ISBN 9780813545752
Book ISBN 10 0813545757
About Book
Asian American Studies Now truly represents the enormous changes occurring in Asian American communities and the world, changes that require a reconsideration of how the interdisciplinary field of Asian American studies is defined and taught. This comprehensive anthology, arranged in four parts and featuring a stellar group of contributors, summarizes and defines the current shape of this rapidly changing field, addressing topics such as transnationalism, U.S. imperialism, multiracial identity, racism, immigration, citizenship, social justice, and pedagogy.

Jean Yu-wen Shen Wu and Thomas C. Chen have selected essays for the significance of their contribution to the field and their clarity, brevity, and accessibility to readers with little to no prior knowledge of Asian American studies. Featuring both reprints of seminal articles and groundbreaking texts, as well as bold new scholarship, Asian American Studies Now addresses the new circumstances, new communities, and new concerns that are reconstituting Asian America.



"A very valuable resource for students and scholars of Asian American and ethnic studies. Highly recommended."


"Pedagogically focused and structured, Asian American Studies Now underscores the present-day relevance of the field, given the contemporary realities of neoliberal globalization and the post-9/11 security state. Asian American Studies Now is a return to the field's community-driven roots."

author of Almost All Aliens

"To read these essays is to be challenged again and again by some of the brightest minds and most sophisticated political sensibilities at work today. This volume is essential reading."