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Amy Gerstler
Format Paperback
Dimensions 5.40 (w) x 8.30 (h) x 0.70 (d)
Pages 229
Publisher Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
Publication Date September 2010
ISBN 9781439181454
Book ISBN 10 1439181454
About Book

AMY GERSTLER’S COMMITMENT TO INNOVATIVE POETRY that conveys meaning, feeling, wit, and humor informs the cross section of poems in the 2010 edition of The Best American Poetry. The works collected here represent the wealth, the breadth, and the tremendous energy of poetry in the United States today. Featuring poems from some of our country’s top bards, including John Ashbery, Anne Carson, Louise Glück, Sharon Olds, and Charles Simic, The Best American Poetry 2010 also presents poems that poignantly capture the current moment, such as the sonnets John Updike wrote to chronicle his dying weeks. And there are exciting poems from a constellation of rising stars: Bob Hicok, Terrance Hayes, Denise Duhamel, Dean Young, and Elaine Equi, to name a very few.

The anthology’s mainstays are in place: It opens with series editor David Lehman’s incisive foreword about the state of American poetry and has a marvelous introduction by Amy Gerstler. Notes from the poets, illuminating their poems and their writing processes, conclude this delightful addition to a classic series.

Dick Allen • John Ashbery • Sandra Beasley • Mark Bibbins • Todd Boss • Fleda Brown • Anne Carson • Tom Clark • David Clewell • Michael Collier • Billy Collins • Dennis Cooper • Kate Daniels • Peter Davis • Tim Dlugos • Denise Duhamel • Thomas Sayers Ellis • Lynn Emanuel • Elaine Equi • Jill Alexander Essbaum • B. H. Fairchild • Vievee Francis • Louise Glück • Albert Goldbarth • Amy Glynn Greacen • Sonia Greenfield • Kelle Groom • Gabriel Gudding • Kimiko Hahn • Barbara Hamby • Terrance Hayes • Bob Hicok • Rodney Jones • Michaela Kahn • Brigit Pegeen Kelly • Corinne Lee • Hailey Leithauser • Dolly Lemke • Maurice Manning • Adrian Matejka • Shane McCrae • Jeffrey McDaniel • W. S. Merwin • Sarah Murphy • Eileen Myles • Camille Norton • Alice Notley • Sharon Olds • Gregory Pardlo • Lucia Perillo • Carl Phillips • Adrienne Rich • James Richardson • J. Allyn Rosser • James Schuyler • Tim Seibles • David Shapiro • Charles Simic • Frank Stanford • Gerald Stern • Stephen Campbell Sutherland • James Tate • David Trinidad • Chase Twichell • John Updike • Derek Walcott • G. C. Waldrep • J. E. Wei • Dara Wier • Terence Winch • Catherine Wing • Mark Wunderlich • Matthew Yeager • Dean Young • Kevin Young