After Frost: Anthol Poetry From N E share button
Henry Lyman
Format Paperback
Dimensions 6.01 (w) x 8.97 (h) x 0.79 (d)
Pages 240
Publisher University of Massachusetts Press
Publication Date September 1996
ISBN 9781558490413
Book ISBN 10 1558490418
About Book
Robert Frost has long dominated the public's image of New England poetry, but who are the poets who follow him in time and how have they expressed their visions of the landscape, the individual, and the community? This volume brings together the work of thirty distinguished poets to convey the vitality and variety of the region's poetic creation during much of the twentieth century. Henry Lyman has selected the poets, arranged their work chronologically by birth date, and written a brief preface to each section. The anthology is by no means comprehensive, nor is it an attempt to establish a "canon" of New England poets. Rather it is simply a selection of notable poems chosen for their clarity, depth, and common ground. The poems converse with each other from page to page, resulting in a cohesive, eminently readable text. For the student or general reader, there is no better introduction to the range and richness of New England poetry.