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Jeph Loeb
Format Paperback
Dimensions 6.68 (w) x 10.19 (h) x 0.37 (d)
Pages 208
Publisher DC Comics
Publication Date October 2002
ISBN 9781563895296
Book ISBN 10 1563895293
About Book
The catalyst for the Smallville television program, Superman for All Seasons is an emotional and insightful examination of Clark Kent's transformation from a powerful boy into a heroic man. Told through the course of four seasons in the Man of Steel's adolescent life, this coming-of-age tale humanizes the alien from another planet so that he is not only realistic but also relatable. Featuring indepth characterizations of Lana Lang, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane and the Kents, this groundbreaking story of a simple midwestern boy with awesome abilities illustrates that it is the man, not the powers, that make Clark Kent a hero.