Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Volume 2 share button
Omar Francia
Format Paperback
Dimensions 6.50 (w) x 10.00 (h) x 0.30 (d)
Pages 88
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Publication Date October 2010
ISBN 9781595825537
Book ISBN 10 1595825533
About Book
The end of the story in the hugely popular game The Force Unleashed left the Star Wars galaxy poised at the brink of civil war. But before that can happen, the Emperor and his apprentice, Darth Vader, have another plan already in play.
The author of the original game, Haden Blackman, returns with a new story of treachery, deception, and the manipulation of the overwhelming power of the Force. Omar Francia, from Star Wars: Legacy and Mass Effect, is back, providing the amazing art for this original graphic novel based on the upcoming LucasArts game.