Peaceful Warrior: The Graphic Novel share button
Dan Millman
Format Paperback
Dimensions 10.28 (w) x 11.80 (h) x 0.45 (d)
Pages 192
Publisher Kramer, H. J., Inc.
Publication Date November 2010
ISBN 9781932073485
Book ISBN 10 1932073485
About Book

The book Way of the Peaceful Warrior, shared among friends and families, became a multimillion-copy worldwide bestseller, inspiring men and women of all ages. Now author Dan Millman and illustrator Andrew Winegarner meld the peaceful warrior story into the style and dynamism of the graphic novel. This fresh take on Millman’s saga of growth and enlightenment includes new scenes and elements not found in either the book or the Peaceful Warrior movie.

Here is a story of growing up and waking up — about a young athlete who finds himself on a path less traveled. Haunted by dark dreams and a vague sense that something is missing from his life, Dan wanders into an all-night gas station. There he meets an old man named Socrates, and his world begins to change. Guided by this mysterious old warrior, and drawn to an elusive young woman named Joy, Dan begins an odyssey into realms of light and shadow — a journey that leads him toward a final confrontation that may deliver or destroy him.


Publishers Weekly

Millman’s self-improvement franchise gets a graphic novel treatment in this adaptation of his 1980 autobiographical novel, Way of the Peaceful Warrior. UC Berkeley gymnast Millman is the star of the team as they prepare for the NCAA national competition until his father’s death causes him to lose focus. A strange dream leads him to a rundown gas station where he meets an enigmatic man he dubs Socrates, someone Dan swears he recognizes from a recent dream. Socrates urges Dan to consider his purpose in life and soon becomes the young man’s spiritual teacher and mentor, with the help of a mysterious young woman named Joy. When an accident threatens to destroy Dan’s gymnastics career, he must decide if he trusts Socrates and his unorthodox methods, which include fasts and mental, as well as physical, endurance tests. Socrates guides Dan on a journey to discover within himself not only his strengths as a gymnast but also as the Peaceful Warrior of the title. First time illustrator Winegarner capably brings Millman’s age-old story of master and pupil to life on the page with a style that won’t win any awards but tells the story cleanly. (Nov.)

School Library Journal

Gr 9 Up—This graphic adaption of Millman's 1980 book, which has generated additional books, self-help courses, and a film, is semiautobiographical. As a college student and gymnast, Dan is wandering through Berkeley one night when he encounters a gas-station attendant who resembles a man appearing in his dreams. He is intrigued with this individual, whom he calls Socrates. The stranger appears to have extraordinary mental and physical capabilities and begins to instruct Dan in "the way." After an accident crushes a bone in Dan's leg, Socrates appears at the hospital bedside and "heals" it. Dan becomes a disciple and begins to follows Socrates's regimen of a raw-food diet and a "purifying" lifestyle: abstaining from relationships with girls and undertaking a new approach to life. These changes, coupled with increased training, allow him to return to gymnastics. As he approaches Nationals competition, Socrates becomes ill and is hospitalized. His death occurs at the precise moment that Dan's routine scores a perfect 10. Distraught and searching for answers, Dan then embarks on a spiritual journey, meeting and conquering his fears. These "life lessons" often appear in the book as vague platitudes. "The earth is a living creature and we are the cells of her body...we are made of the same stuff as the stars...." However, his search for a higher life purpose may resonate with some young readers. Pen-and-ink artwork is especially effective for action scenes depicting gymnastic competitions as well as a dramatic struggle with the figure that symbolizes Dan's fears.—Barbara M. Moon, Suffolk Cooperative Library System, Bellport, NY